LaCie 4Big RAID Failure on Mac Fixed

The 4Big is a RAID unit with 4x1TB disks, and configured as RAID5 yields storage of 3TB. It's been reliable for a year or more, and has travelled 5000km with me on my treks.

After purchasing and attempting recovery with Diskwarrior and TechTool Pro, both failed to see the disk. My next step was a disk recovery service that knew about RAID and Mac volumes, and enquiries led to quotes up to $2500. Yikes!

But then I came across R-Studio for Mac, another piece of data recovery software.  I downloaded the demo, and hey PRESTO, it could see the disk and all the files, and a recovery test worked fine. So $79 later I'm here recovering from a near disaster.  Going to the backups for so much data would have been weeks of effort.

Hope this helps someone else out there.

2 thoughts on “LaCie 4Big RAID Failure on Mac Fixed

  1. Hi George, we had the same problem than you had. This morning the LaCie 4Big unit LEDs were red. After some investigation, the disks seems to be fine. The unit seems dead (fan not working, etc.). Like you did, I came across R-Studio for Mac, but I cannot find the right settings for the Block size and the Block order. By any chance, do you remember the settings you used to recover the files ? Did you connect all four disks or 3 were sufficient ? I am searching for specs in Lacie documentation, but they are not provinding in-depth specifications on the RAID5 drive settings…

    Thank you for writing this post, this is encouraging !

  2. Hi Sebastien, Sorry for the delay getting to your message. Next time I fire up that disk I’ll see what info I can get about the settings. Will post here.

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